'Ramps' in Key Editor

This has very possibly been mentioned before…

In the key editor when drawing in, say, CC1 data, the line tool system draws a series of points - if subsequently that line needs to be tweaked, the manipulation of one of those points ‘breaks’ the line. The line will not be redrawn to accommodate the new position.

It would be great if the line tool had an option where it created just two points: the start of the line and the end of the line. Then if the end point (or start point) is altered a redraw will always maintain a straight line between the two points.
Ramps such as this can be drawn in automation lanes, but not in CC lanes. I would really like to be able to do this in CC lanes!

This is a very simple point which I think I’ve explained very badly.
Does anyone get what I mean? And agree?


I think that’s a very conservative improvement. The requests for curved/bezier automation could also extend to the Key Editor, so then you could not only create two point lines but also curve them as you wish.

Agreed! That would indeed be a delight!
It seems strange that this specific area of Cubase has remained unimproved for so long!


I saw this request before Cubase 9 and I agree, I am waiting for it.

As this is something that has probably been spoken about before?
Has there ever, over the years, been a dev response? I mean, do you think this is something that might ever happen?
I know nothing about programming so I really have no basis on which to say such a thing: but I feel it wouldn’t be hugely complicated to implement?!