Random arpeggiator plugin with VST

I have a need for a random arpeggiator that works with Dorico and Cubase. I want to provide a chord using Spitfire or EastWest or some other VST and have it return the chord in a random sequence of notes in the chord. It would also be nice to be able to control the rhythm. Any recommendations?

Thank you
Patrick Kennedy

Hello Parick.

Anything that outputs MIDI could be recorded and fed to Dorico or Cubase for EastWest or Spitfire to consume. Sugar Bytes has a number of tools for that purpose specifically, but I’ve not used any.

If you are deeper into algorhmic (sp) composing with a traditional notation focus - there isn’t much you can’t do with Music21 and Python, then feed the result to Dorico or any DAW.

Cubase has a midi arpeggiator (two versions in fact, one with more options than the other). I don’t see how Dorico would implement something similar, but it is easy enough to render the Cubase lick and export it as midi.

The woodwinds in the NI Symphony Series have arpeggiators that, with sufficient artistry, can be manipulated in Dorico. TBH I find it easier just to write out the arpeg you want; can’t go wrong with that :slight_smile: