Random Audio Drop Outs

I use CUBASE Artist 12.0.70 and have recently experienced random short (say 1 sec) audio drop outs when playing songs, typically 3-5 drop outs in a 4 minute song.
“Audio performance” does not indicate any peak problems. ASIO guard running at maxium about 5-8% of capacity during peaks. I have an i7 2.9 GHz computer wih 32 GB RAM and Win 11 Home 64 bit. My audio interface is UR-RT4 using the newest Yamaha Steinberg USB driver version 2.1.6 . Does any of you know how to solve this issue


Try to increase the Buffer Size, please.

My current setting is 256 samples


Try to increase it, please.

Thanks for advice.
Increased it to 2048 samples with no change. 3-4 audio drop outs on 3m40 long song

Is it random? You may have an expired license plugin or in trial-demo mode periodically muting the audio out

Thanks for comment. I changed a standard CUBASE EQ effect on Stereo Out channel from CurveEQ to Studio EQ and the latency caused by the effects on that channel reduced from about 5 to0.6 ms, and that solved the problem.

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Weird though…I mean no indication on vst performance suggested that you run out of resources, yet the eq mode change suggests that you changed it to a lighter mode and problem is gone.

Hi just yesterday applied the patch to go to 12.0.70 and found a particular file that all of a sudden had developed the same issue with seemingly random drop outs. After some detective work I realised it was because of a plug in track doubler effect that i was using. Disabled the effect and it worked fine again…but it wasnt a problem until I did the upgrade…

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