Random audio glitches - Solved

Hi all,
recently I am experiencing random audio glitches on my Win10 - 64Bit i7 system. I assume that some other process on the computer causes this. So I do have a very elementary question: What strategy would you suggest to narrow the issue down? Please note that i do NOT think that it is cubase’s fault. The question I ask is what steps people would suggest to narrow down the problem. Where do I have to look? What processes should and can I stop?
I am looking for a strategy how to get closer to a solution. Thx!

PS.: It does not depend on buffer size at all.

Hi all - Maybe the following information gives someone a hint what could be my problem:

I have a project opened that contains just ONE Midi track. This midi track controls an external synth (Yamaha motif xf). The synth’s audio output is routed back into cubase (the latest original yamaha driver is used) and passed through an audio track. The Controlroom Main in cubase is sent to the motif and thus can be heard trough the synth.
While playing back the midi track random crackles/stutters happen.
This is worth mentioning since no audio recording is played back in this setting - it is just the audio routed through a track coming in from the synth.

The crackles and stutter dissappeared - what did I change? Well - I had the midi track sending on channel one to a mix-template on the Motif XF. That was just fine. But I also had the monitor button on the midi track enabled (to allow playing along with the alread recorded midi track). This obviously was “too much” - a kind of loop that flooded the computer. I simply created a second midi track which is controlled by the second slot of the Motif mix-template and thus working on midi chanel 2. It hasnt stuttered or crackled since. Fine :slight_smile: