Random audio shifts

Hey guys!

Wondering if any of you might have a lead on a very pesky problem I’ve been facing lately in C6.

More often than not, audio in my projects would shift quite noticeably, sometimes up to a 1/16 from its original location. What’s stranger still is that it’s the audio itself which is shifting, not the events themselves - they stay neatly where I left them. Recently, this has happened over an entire vocal comp which took half a day to assemble. The shifts happened “overnight” - everything was fine at the end of the session, and upon opening it again - everything has clearly shifted. And even stranger still - it seemed to have happened exponentially, so the further you moved down the song, the more severe the shift was. I had to manually drag the events a few milliseconds here and there, and now, not only am I not confident that the audio is precisely where it was originally recorded, I’m even less confident in lieu of the possibility of it happening again!!! Has anyone else encountered this before and can point at a possible origin? Does it have something to do with the comp process itself? Do the file locaters just “jump ship”?

Extremely frustrating, any help or pointers would be greatly appreciated.