Random Behaviour of the Export Window

Ok, a few things (Windows 10, Cubase 11.0.10)…

  1. Cancelling an export should happen immediately, instead of forever - this has never worked properly for me. Even tonight, I tried to cancel a stems export batch, and Cubase just kept on trucking through the batch. The progress bar stopped at the moment I pressed cancel, but the export went on in the background. I don’t understand why you can’t cancel an export and get an immediate response.
  2. When exporting multiple channels, I can’t scroll up or down to see the progress of the export. The audio export process seems to take over the whole computer and can’t be stopped once it has begun!
  3. On occasion when exporting multiple channels, the export dialog disappears altogether but the process continues regardless, leaving no way to see the progress or cancel.
  4. If changing buffer size speeds up export, is there a way that Cubase could do that automatically? Then return the buffer to what it was prior to the export upon completion?

Please, if you are reporting bugs or making feature requests put just one in one topic, with the appropriate tag.

Many Thanks.

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hi how do you tag for a feature request? i couldnt find it