Random Blue screen when loading H5 preset

I’m experiencing Blue screen on my studio computer (win7 ,C7, Halion5 all 64 bit)
it happens on occasions when loading halion’s own presets… don’t know why and when,it goes randomly.
at my home systems its fine have no issue, at studio computer im using project created with cubase 5.

any suggestions ?

That’s a hard one to figure out. It could be as simple as a bad spot in your RAM. Could be a lot of other things like a corrupt vstpreset or vstsound file, that you only hit the bad spot occasionally.

indeed its hard to tell what’s wrong.
ill do further tests, with stand alone H5 too…
for now the blue screen only happens with H5 randomly when loading its own factory presets.
no other VSTi does it, so i think its not RAM problem (new 2*8g g-skill memory)

maybe a corrupt vstsound or vstpreset file then.

Are you talking about a BSOD? And how recently did you install this new memory?
It may be worth testing that memory FULLY. You should be able to do that from the BIOS.
Some PCs come with a diagnostic utility to run a full memory test.
BSOD almost always points to hardware or a hardware driver (or conflict of drivers).
Have you tried unplugging ALL hardware peripherals and then loading the preset(s)?