Random bursts of noise since upgrading to 12

I just upgraded to 12 and a project that was working fine in 11 now gives extremely loud bursts of noise in 12. I can’t figure out what causes it to happen - it seems random. However, it seems I do get a “spinning circle” cursor very briefly before it happens each time.

I’m using a large orchestral template with everything running in VE Pro. I have only one plug-in running: a reverb set up as a send. All audio settings are exactly as they were in C11.

Anybody have any ideas on this one?



Make sure, all your plug-ins are activated. No Trial/Demo version, please.

Try to increase your Audio Device Buffer Size, please.

Hi - thanks for the reply. I am not using any trial/demo versions and the buffer size is the same as it was when the project was working in Cubase 11.

It might be a problem with a newer version of VE Pro and/or their Synchron player. When I upgraded to 12 I also updated the VSL software to the latest versions. So there’s some complication there.


Try to increase it, please.

This could also be the case.

I have the same problem. No VE PRO here. Kontakt, various synths, all native inside Cubase. This has never happened in 11 or previous versions. Loud bursts of white noise, sometimes tails of fx sends amplified many times. I’m working in headphones, needless to say I’m angry.

I’ve confirmed that my problem is with the VSL software, not Cubase.

VSL has reproduced the issue and is working to fix it.

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