Random but critical GUI Bug: Cannot select busses

Dear all
I am running 10.5 on Win10. all of a sudden some (not all) of my Projects seem to have lost the track context menu. Instead of vertically displaying the Options (such as “add track” or “select all Events”) they appear (incomplete) vertical.
This might be just a nuisance because one can find some workarounds.

However, with this it also scrambles the Bus Secltion menue (next screenshot): If you try to select an In-Bus you onbly hvae a liitle empty field on the left side of your screen that does ** all.

The only Workaround is to set up a new Project and re-import al the tracks from the corrupted Project.

My problem is the sheer randomness of this behaviour. I have been using Cubase since the nineties and wadded through a lot of bugs and workarounds. But this one is so unpredictable that I am really clueless.
Any advice?


I can’t find the link right now, but it has been discussed here on the forum already.

Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode [Disable preferences], please?

What graphic card do you have, please?

Dear Martin
thanks so much for offering your advice.
I have found a method to replicate the problem:
I have two different accounts on my WIn10 system. Account A is a DAW specific set-up with most services you typically find in autostart being disabled (dropbox, adobe updater etc.). Account B is an MS-Office-focussed setup.

I only observe this behaviour when I swich from Account B to Account A. If I then shut down Cubase and restart it the menues are displayed correctly again. Seems like a bearable work-around.
The bug only started to occur after I installed VST Connect. This is most likely a mere coincidence but I thought I flag it up anyway.

My graphic card is a pretty standart NVIDA GT1030