Random C10 bug #218

Volume automation doesn’t work (ignored). R enabled. Track basically a duplicate of the track above except that it doesn’t work.

ABC reproduction instructions followed by other members confirmation

To what does the bug number refer?

Can we have the list please

Just a line of automation data that is completely ignored by the C.

Don’t know how to replicate. Simply drew a bunch of automation tracks and one of them doesn’t work.

I can have several different lines (volume, pan, insert automation) and there will be one that will be ignored. On my current project I have a vocal line that is stuck in dead R side even though pan automation tells it to be elsewhere.

Big number simply refers (sarcasm) to excessive number of small bugs (or “features” that are more like bugs) I’ve been encountering and posting about. None of them major, nothing that would do any harm to the project, but mostly annoying little things that require re-writing tracks, copying data, creating new tracks etc…

I’m just reporting, I don’t expect any solutions, seems like a bug, I’m simply fixing it by copying data to new tracks (where everything works ok).

What was the point of the post then, what could it achieve?