Random CC automation being sent to unknown CC's

Hi everyone

Does anyone know why these random automation data points are showing up on these random CC’s (picture attached) and how I might be able to stop them from appearing?

I don’t know what these CC’s do and don’t have any of them assigned to my midi controller.

Any thoughts would help



The attachment is missing.

My guess is, the knobs or faders of your MIDI Keyboard are slightly moving when you are playing the keyboard. Clean them up, please.

Oops! Sorry, attached is the picture

Not sure what ExtEff or BankSel is doing…


These are just common MIDI Controllers. MIDI CC0 and CC32: Bank Selection for changing bank, where the sound is. ExtEff are the DSP effect units: Reverb, and so on.

Is there a way to keep them from being triggered? I didn’t intend to trigger them and they are cluttering the Lanes


Obviously you can delete them. Or you can filter them out by using Preferences > MIDI > MIDI Filter.

Ah good call, filter works great, thank you!