Random color available?

I would like to have a “random color” that I can apply on selected events by using a simple key command.
If I don’t like the new color, I can just apply the key command again. Massive timesaver.
Maybe there´s a solution in Cubase´s PLE or so?
If not, that would be my FR !



In the Project Logical Editor, you can Set Color:

  • Set to Fixed Value
  • Increment
  • Decrement

You can assign a Key Command to the increment or Decrement option and then you can hit the Key Command quickly “random-times”.

Hi Martin,
thank you! I used to deal a bit with PLE too.
But I need “big jumps” in color palette.
Do you have another “random color” solution using PLE?

Increment/Decrement is not random, but steps through the project color palette forwards/backwards. Set to Fixed Value sets the color to one certain color out of the palette. There is no such thing as a Random Color Generator in PLE, if you refer to this.

There is just a setting Random color for new tracks in the Preferences.

And this would be a great addition in PLE too:

Set colour >

  • Set to Fixed Value
  • Increment
  • Decrement
  • Random (new)
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