Random controller 64 events

Any idea what’s causing this project to have random pedal events? I’ve deleted everything, the CC lanes are empty, the playing technique is Natural, but it’s still creating these MIDI events. I had to copy the music that used to be here to a new instrument and then delete this one.
mystery_pedal.zip (456 KB)

When I’m working with the project you’ve posted, I’m not seeing any random pedal events occurring. Could it be something in your system that posting midi data?

There are quite a few pedal lines in your project, though they don’t appear, and it looks as if you have added and removed staves from the piano at various points. This problem has been discussed in another thread recently, which you can read here. The long and the short of it is that Dorico will only show pedal lines if the original right-hand staff of the piano is shown. This is something that we expect to address in a future version.

That clears it up for me — I’ll make sure to be careful with extra staves. Thanks Daniel!