Random CPU Peak

Hello All,
just to write an issue on my osx Mojave on Macbook pro mid 2012.
I’ve a lot of CPU peak, when i’ve the project with a lot of plugin, with one plugin and with empty project.
Padshop issues a lot of peak.
Thanks a lot.

I have the same problem!

I´m on OS Mojave MacBook Pro mid 2012 and after the new update to 10.5 there are several peaks and audio spikes on random VST plug-ins or FX. I have tried to set the audio buffer to a higher value without luck. I have also deactivate the ASIO guard, without luck. Sometimes random plug-ins hangs and makes Cubase non functional to click/or edit, but the track plays in the background. I have also experienced plug-ins that will not work at all, the GUI is freezing and no control or knob is able to move. Also the new cubase MultiTap delay hangs from time to time.

A lot of bugs in my opinion.

I’ve another strange behaviour/issue.
When I change the pluging insert position the application go in “HANG”.
A lot of issue guys…

I’ve also had a large number of random hangs when it comes to dealing with adding new plugins, or re-arranging the order of existing ones in 10.5.

On my end it seems like editing audio and midi is fine, but the moment I go to do anything with plugins with the exception of editing existing automation, Cubase will just hang.

EDIT: I’ve found Cubase consistently hangs when I have 2 plugin editor windows open and go to open a 3rd. It doesn’t matter which plugins, only that there are too many editor windows open, and then the system hangs.

There’s also been a few graphical glitches in context menus, such as when asking to save on quit so perhaps this is videocard/ram related?