Random CPU spikes while recording in Cubase 12.0.7

Hey Y’all! :wave:

I’ struggling with random CPU peaks while recording in Cubase 12 Pro.
Sometimes it causes clicks and pops that stays in recorded track.

I’ve tried different settings of ASIO Guard, bypassing plugins, updated drivers etc.

I’m working on iOS, M1
My interface is Audient ID44 MK2

It keeps me from updating to 13, cause i’m worried that’ll happen still.

Anyone with similar experience?
Any solutions?

Thanks in advance! Have a good, creative day! :raised_hands:

Hey - me too! As soon as I upgraded to 12.0.7, I’m getting random CPU spikes - it’s a loud tearing sound, I get a red peak on my meter - HUH???

I’m on Apple Silicon, Mac mini M2 Max, and I have not had trouble like this since Cubase 5. Prolly before a lot of you were born…

Help!!! Anyone have any ideas to try?

Is it possible to roll back a version? I’ve never had to even deal with that.