Random Crashes with 10.5.2 and 11.0.0


unfortunately i keep experiencing the same random crashes on 11 as i had in 10.5.2 and after doing smc reset, pram reset, mojave reinstall i honestly can’t find the reason the software crashes. sometimes it’s when opening a plugin gui, other times when i copy settings.

here are my latest 3 crash files.

hope you can help me.
Cubase 11_2020-11-21-014316_MBP-2K17-2.crash (307 KB)
Cubase 11_2020-11-21-021223_MBP-2K17-2.crash (295 KB)
Cubase 11_2020-11-21-021900_MBP-2K17-2.crash (296 KB)



Reported to Steinberg CAN-32532.

is there anything i can do now to stop the crashes? even if its a workaround?


The original report seemed to be related to some Macros. It seems, Cubase shows some popup dialog, but other action is already calling different dialog. Then once the original pop up dialog tries to close, Cubase crashes.

Do you use any Macros?

no i don’t

This is a classic error. You can not call virtual functions from destructor or constructor. Since it is a _close in the call stack is probably a destructor. What plugin is it ? It is a built-in from steinberg so it’s symbols are striped out.

no specific plugin, it happens absolutely random, even im the cubase 11 demo song. is there any work around? anything todo with macos version? anything i can do?

This is not a random error. You need to report for each plugin where it happen.

what if i tell you this doesn’t only happen with plugins interactions? random crashes happen when i save, when i drag wav files in from the mediabay and many other scenarios. how am i supposed to keep track of everything i do, everytime cubase crashes? i

f the crash files don’t give enough enough info about the problem(s), i guess i’ll need to just live with it?
i’m not out here doing debugging, i’m a music producer not a programmer.
After all, isn’t that what crash files are for?

The crashes need the symbol file from the compilation of cubase. So it is only steinberg that can see what’s going on. But form what you wrote it was a copying off some setting. But describe what you do will help people to match it with there own problem. If more people have the same problem it’s likelier that Steinberg fix it quicker.

Hi, i didn’t realize you weren’t Steinberg Staff until now :slight_smile: so i assumed you would be able to decode the crash files!
Sorry for that.

According to Martin, my Bug was reported and i’m waiting for Steinberg to inform me about that.
However, i’ve had multiple bugs reported in the past, by me and Steinberg Stuff and i never received and kind of help.
I mean, literally, many many unanswered support requests and “reported to steinberg” messages.
let’s see.

Hey Nik,

Are the crashes still occurring after the C11.0.10 update? Did you have EUCON devices attached when the crashes happened?


Hey Matthias,

i haven’t had a chance to update my 15" 2017 Macbook to 10.0.10, as it was out for keyboard replacement. been using my M1 13 Macbook which even with 10.5.2 had no similar issue. 11.0.10 runs ok, not great but good enough. i will update my 15" and test it further and @ u.

liebe Grüße
like the germans say