Random Cubase Display Glitch.. anyone else seen this?

I’ve just been having a bad time with this session.
I’ve opened up other session files and they run without a hitch…but…not this session.

This one though crashed multiple times when I tried duplicating a few audio tracks, and even unfreezing something.
And then…
Cubase did the weirdest thing… check out the screenshots.

The Midi Editor window goes white. Sometimes it would go white when i scroll the cursor over the velocities, and sometimes it would just go white altogether.

Has anyone else encountered this?

I have restarted the session, cubase, etc. but everytime i come back it repeats all these glitches, including this blank screen thing.

In this session:
I have a video file loaded up, but its only about 2 mins max.
I have about 60-70 midi tracks, and 25 audio tracks maybe?

Like I said, I seem to be able to open all of my other session files without this problem.
I’m not sure if I want to trash my prefs just cos of this.

Any ideas?

(P.s. i just upgraded my firmware on my mac os x lion… does that have anything to do with it??)
Cubase Glitch 1.jpg
Cubase Glitch 2.jpg

Yep, that’s the already-classic “running-out-of RAM” problem (first time I saw it, happened in front of a paying client, and I hadn’t the faintest idea what the cause was… most embarrassing!). Are you using Cubase in 32-bit mode? (I don’t think that problem occurs in 64-bit mode).
Open the Mac’s “Activity Monitor.app”, and watch what happens to the free RAM as you load that particular Project (I suspect, you have a heavily-loaded instance of Kontakt 5, or maybe Omnisphere, or something similar?)

Thanks Vic. Ah, i should’ve guessed!! =(
yes it is in 32 bit. I just run it in 32 bit so that its easier to run my old plugins. I use VE-PRO to do most of the heavy lifting though. I did have quite a few samples loaded up… but in Cubase itself, not too much.

I checked activity monitor when it happened and I had like 5GB of RAM free though. (out of my 16GB).

I guess i’ll run it in 64bit in the future!!

Thanks dude… definitely not one of the things you want to come up when you meet with a client… i almost couldn’t finish my project thanks to this…