Random 'Cubase has stopped working' with 8.5

Hi, when shutting the latest version of 8.5 down it sometimes…sort of 50/50 …displays a window saying Cubase has stopped working, random projects…even empty ones, it works great when in project though, no problems there…

Cubase 8 never does this on any project, it’s always worked fine, does this happen with anyone else?

the fact that 8 is working and never displays this window indicates my system is fine…

just wondering really :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

best, Kevin :slight_smile:

It’s a long standing proble for some people…each update seems to add the issue for some and fix it for others.

You might try this

Or search the error or crash on exit for other suggestions related to specific plugins.

Did that a while ago…made no difference…it happens on empty projects also so nothing to do with plugs…cheers… :slight_smile: :slight_smile: