Random Cubase Issues


Within the past 2 weeks or so, i’ve been having some strange issues with Cubase. Below is a list. Anyone experience this, please let me know any suggestions. These issues have been making my tracking session a nightmare. I never know what’s going to happen. Thanks!

  1. Random crashes and audio drop outs

  2. After a random crash, the backup files only backed up til about an hr ago even though i have Cubase set to backup every 2 minutes with a max of 20 backups.

  3. Since this has been happening, i’ve been monitoring the backup files and noticed that Cubase is skipping some backup files. it’s jumping from lets say 4:00pm to 4:04pm and then 4:06 etc…

  4. A crash just happened to me about a half hr ago and when I went to the most recent backup, i received a message “backup file corrupt” or something to that nature.

  5. I opened a session after a crash and a few tracks just would not play. Other tracks that were routed to the same group were playing fine.

Cubase 9.0.20
Windows 10 64 bit
32 gig ram
Nvidia GeForce GTX 650ti


Any changes on your system 2 weeks ago? Any (hidden) update?

Thanks for the reply. Only thing I can think of is I recently purchased the Slate Raven. Not sure if the Batch Commander could be causing it. Maybe i’ll run my sessions tomorrow without it running. To be quite honest, Cubase in general hasn’t been the same since going to Windows 10 a few months ago. These crashes just have been happening way too often.

Backups only happen when Cubase is not playing, worth having in mind.


So if you are adjusting a parameter, inserting/deleting a VST, zooming such as mix console, or processing something it can back up during those times?

I have often wondered about auto-back ups which I too have set at every 2 minutes. And I also wonder if an auto-back could be the cause behind a fairly rare crash since I’m not even playing or doing any command?

Isn’t it when Cubase is recording? And isn’t the backup triggered after the recording, when it was scheduled?

Well if I run a Cubase project in a loop, and mix away for an hour. There are only generated 1 .bak file after I hit stop.
Backup is set to 15min intervals.
If I edit for an hour without constant playback, 4 .bak files are generated.
So I assume that backups are only generated when Cubase is stopped.
That is my experience.
I might have been a little hasty proclaiming my assumption as fact, sorry for that :blush:

So I ran Cubase for 2 days without the Raven Batch Commander and thought it was definitely the issue until I just crashed again. Any suggestions what may be causing the random crashes? I can’t even say that a specific plugin is causing it because it’s happening on different sessions and has happened even on session where the plugins being used were plugins i’ve always used without issues. Thanks

Could you share some of the crashlogs with me via PM and Dropbox?

Sent you a pm. thanks