Random dead/muted note

I’ve been using Dorico for about a month and have been running into an occasional issue where a seemingly random single note will playback at a much lower volume. Adding an accent to the note brings it back to the expected unaccented volume.

If I delete the note and rewrite it, it still plays back at a lower volume.

If I copy and insert paste the entire measure, the newly pasted measure has the dead note, but the existing measure doesn’t. If I then delete the newly pasted measure, the dead note moves back to the old measure.

In the specific case I’m looking at now, the measure with the dead note begins with a tied note from the previous measure, then there are several other normal sounding notes, then the dead note. If I untie the first note from the previous measure, the dead note miraculously fixes itself.

If I copy and paste the entire piece into a new project, the dead note goes away. If I copy/delete all/paste the entire piece into the existing project, the dead note is still there.

It’s driving me crazy, please help!

Welcome to the forum, Vaaaan. You may need to attach the project itself to allow us to diagnose your problem (please see here), but in the meantime, try going to the Dynamics page of Playback Options and reducing the humanisation factor for dynamics. Does that help? If not, please zip up and attach your project so we can take a look for ourselves.

Thank you, lowering the dynamics humanization fixed it. I don’t know much about virtual instruments (or notation for that matter) but I’m assuming the default 50% humanization at its extreme of 20% of a dynamic step pushes the default piano sound (at forte) below a cutoff point where it switches to a lower velocity sample which has a much different tone. Would that make sense?

Yes, it certainly could happen that way.