random digital white noise on audio tracks

C8 and 8.5. very strange thing:
at some stage , even very early in the tracking phase of a project an audio track starts to output only digital white noise (lost sync??)
starts at a random spot on timeline (not beginning)
if i go back before the point it is fine until i reach the “noise point” again.
if i mute the track : silence / mute off: noise
bypass all plugins: same noise result
open fresh empty track and copy audio parts to that track: same noise result
if i continue working, noise drops in and out and after a few stops and starts the audible parts of that track loose completely the musical sync with the rest of the project or the noise becomes permanent over the duration of the whole track.
if i bounce audio on the original track: problem gone!
but after a while it can move to a different track, different time point
bounce fixes it again
or: duplicate the whole project into a new project and use that.
so it seems it has something to do with the HD access.

weird one!!
any ideas?


Do you have Plugin alliance v 3.1 installed?

uh ooh! yes, 3.1…buggy?

That is the problem! Uninstall it. Even if it is not active in your project, it is screwing cubase just by sitting in vst folder…

i will try to un-install and use a previous version. has that worked for you?

Yes, for me and many others with the same issue!

Did it work?

so far i rolled back to 8.0.2 but still on PA 3.1 though
runs without a hitch although i miss a few functions of 8.5.
this would mean PA 3.1 is NOT the culprit.
i keep you posted if the fault shows up again.

“The Bug” showed up again!
this time after loading Trilian into project.
moved also to C8.5.15 in the meantime.
this time i will kill PA 3.1!
will report back

If it is PA that are causing issues it’s been known about for some time…

here… Heads Up! New update - Plugin Alliance crash Cubase PRO8! - #42 by Mauri - Steinberg Lounge - Steinberg Forums

it was PA 3.1 again!
without having any PA plugin in use in the project it creates this weird glitch.
going back to PA 2.5 fixes it.

hmmmm… now there’s a surprise! :unamused: :unamused:
I’ve given up with them, i have installers of plugins i’ve purchased that work and i’m just not bothering with them any more stuff from them… they’ve known about this for well over a year now and don’t seem interested in getting it sorted.