Random dropouts with sends to song group

So I’ve spend many hours setting up various songs using vocals on non-global stacks which send to a song group containing effects. I want to use sends because sometimes I vary the amount of effect different people (and that reminds me of a normal audio flow). At any rate, when I switch between songs the sends randomly stop sending audio to the group track. Sometimes it is on one song, sometimes another. Restarting the program sometimes fixes it but not always. I’m certain I’m not doing anything wrong as the routing is accurate and the send is engaged in each instance. I’ve deleted all automation at this point for vocals. I’m getting increasingly frustrated with very, very basic things not working consistently. There’s no way I can use this software live if the sends only work part time. I’m using the latest official release version.

I have deleted and re-added the send track in each song and it appears to be working for now. I think there is a behavior that occurs when you duplicate a song that wreaks havoc with the sends. When it doubt, delete and recreate the send. Will advise if it reverts back, but things are okay for now.

Spoke too soon. Back to having lost the sends at random. Can someone please assist? I can archive the project if needed. So frustrating. It’s going to be tough for someone to work through because I output over Dante to different mixer channels. I’d rather not make different vocal effects for each singer as that makes it more of a pain to control overall effects levels live - thus I’m trying to use sends which apparently don’t work reliably.

I’ve given the song group channels in each song a specific unique name. Working as of now.

Will check.
Would you happen to know if this also happens with “normal” (global) Group Channels?

I’ll try to replicate the issue. I’ve renamed the song groups to discrete names for each song and that appears to have solved the issue at least for the last 12 hours. Prior to that, I was naming the song group the same for each song (LVoxFX).

I had a song group related post at the born of song groups, where I experienced problems when giving the same distinguished name for song-groups across different songs

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Yes, seems you had the same issue. Not a problem if changing the name resolves the issue. Fingers crossed.

Hi, I know I know but it’s still an issue:

  • The prg allows the same “song-group” name across songs
  • but gets / behaves then confused

Should be fixed in some way soon or later. Btw able to use the same “song-group” name across songs can give multiple benefits.

I have song group “keyboards” in every song which (unsurprisingly) contains all the live keyboard levels. Rather essential that it works properly…