Random & frequent hangup Cubase 10 pro


i just installed cubase 10 pro to a box fresh intel nuc with win10 home.

cubase hangs up quite often (say within 5 minutes of starting the program), and it happens very randomly: right on cubase startup, while loading a song, while playing a song, when closing a song, recording to/playing a empty new song with no plug ins, old projects (8.5 files) with a lot of audio/plugins, in any possible situation basically, nothing in particular seems to be causing this.

cubase freezes so that the gfx are frozen and no reaction what so ever with mouse clicks or keyboard. music does keep on playing!!! no crash logs are created. i need to shut down cubase from task manager (can not close it by right clicking down at task bar)

sound card seems not to be the issue since the behaviour is the same with two comlpetely different manufacturers sound cards (both USB 2 tho).

everything else in windows is working ok while cubase is down (only istalled firefox and some vst plug ins so far anyway)

i had to install cubase 8.5 and so far it seems to work fineā€¦ EDIT: after further testing Cubase 8.5 began to act just as the C10!! crashes perhaps even more faster than C10.

so out of ideas what could be the reason for this. any advice is welcome :unamused: