Random funny bugs

Not looking for solutions, just reporting bizarre glitches.

  1. Several disabled and hidden tracks randomly turned themselves on as I was playing (happened on a few occasions). Have nothing to show for it. Just take my word for it. Suddenly I got a loud vocal part going on in the middle of the song. Made me laugh. Had to unhide all the tracks and go one by one to see which one suddenly enabled itself. Turns out there were quite a few.

  2. Automation lost proper scale. Maxxed out at ~90% (see screenshot, wouldn’t go any higher). Simply deleting/creating a new automation track fixed this.


The Tooltip (Extra Info) should show the value of the node. The field in the track list shows the value in the Cursor position, so this might be right on the screenshot.

No, the automation point showed the same number in the Tooltip. It was also reflected in the plugin. I couldn’t raise it above 90% in neither.