random gliches in cubase AI

I purchased Steinberg UR22. After much time updating my OS from Win XP sp3 to Win 7 and other complications, I’m finally ready to record.

First take was recorded and sounded great. Then during play back random glitches where it sounded like the track was skipped. Nothing in my computer popped up or anything of the like.
I then applied the click track. This time several times through out the take, the click dropped out for one beat and returned. When monitoring this in play back it was the same glitch.

What does this mean? How does this get fixed?

After all the trouble I’ve gone through to operate the package or the UR22 and Cubase Ai, I’d really like to keep the same package.

=Alexander Lee

This seems like an ASIO issue, timings on a RT app like cubase are more sensitive than on a multimedia application. You should actually read the manual since it contains a section on troubleshooting issues like these. But the few most common reasons include, to low a buffer setting on the soundcard, aggressive power saving mode on your computer, shared USB ports, USB port not sending out enough power (I cant remember if the UR22 is port powered or independent) and so on. If you have an AMD based computer turn on the high resolution timer in the BIOS, if you have an Intel based computer turn off the hyperthreading in the BIOS

Thanks Reiknir. Your reply and comment are important to me. There was no real Manual with the UR22 I purchased. But I found there was a buffering issue.
Now i’m having trouble with getting audio reference and play back through my headphones connneected to UR22.

Thanks again.

There is a PDF manual that comes with cubase and can be read from the install folder or from the Help/info drop down bar in the program