Random loss of side-chain compression

This is kinda strange, so I’m working on this little EDM project using a sustained synth bass note side-chain compressed by a four on the floor kick drum. All good so far. But when I add and additional, separate, bass guitar track, the compressed synth bass track stops playing altogether. What?
The synth bass is a midi track using halion se as the tone source. The bass guitar is an audio track generated externally from my Korg X3. Any ideas?


Aloha p,

If I understand this,

1-You have a MIDI track that stops playing
when you add an audio track.

2-What happens if you disengage ‘side-chaining’?

3-Does the MIDI track then continue to play?


Hey Curteye,
Love to answer your question and continue this thread but I’m kinda jammed up right now. Just put up a new post, I accidentally hit time warp and now the timing on my project is f**ked. Is there any way to globally reset timewarp?

RE: sidechain > not sure, can’t really check it till I get this timing thing straight.

Thx, -pf