Random midi note priority?

I remember some years ago a guy showed me an old analogue sequencer which he’d connected to a mono synth and had it playing three sequences at once, which meant the sequencer sent notes to the synth chosen randomly from the three sequences. A kind of organised chaos.

It was quite popular in techno at the time and I was looking to recreate this effect.

Does anyone know if there’s a way to do this in Cubase?

You can use the Logical Editor (or the Transformer Insert FX) to randomly change the outgoing MIDI channel of any note… so, that would work if you were sending to a multi-channel instrument (or several different external instruments, so long as they were connected to the same MIDI port). You couldn’t send to different MIDI ports in realtime that way, but you could use the above to create the random MIDI channels to separate MIDI tracks, then, once recorded, send those new tracks to their individual MIDI output ports.

Interesting. That could be worth trying.

Do you know if there’s any way of sending 3 sequences at once to the same transformer/logical editor?

Or if I merge 3 sequences into one could the logical editor be used to randomly select which overlapping notes to play as a mono line?

I’ve used cubase for a long time but never really ventured near those guys.

Well you’d only get a mono line out of notes that have the same MIDI channel (after transformation), but yes, you’d have to merge those sequences to a single track first anyways.
The Logical Editor/Transformer Insert FX** deals with each MIDI event separately as it arrives, so, yes, every single note could have its MIDI channel changed randomly.

**The Logical Editor transforms recorded MIDI Data inside MIDI Parts (permanently), whereas the Transformer Insert FX transforms the data in realtime from the output (or thru-put) of the MIDI track (without actually changing what is inside the MIDI Part).

To obtain random MIDI channels, you would set it up as follows (the Logical Editor and the Transformer Insert FX share presets, so you could use whichever suited :wink: )…

This example sets random MIDI channels between 1 and 16, but of course you could limit those settings, if you prefer.

Brilliant, I’ll try that soon.