Random midi note sent when using Chord Track

This isn’t really an issue - I’m just curious as to what is going on.

Was playing around with chord tracks - and I noticed that every time there is a chord change that ALL vst instruments get a midi ‘ping’. You can see the midi activity ‘LED’ light up on the top of the VST window.

This happens even if the chord track is set to not trigger any tracks - if you do a midi ‘sniff’ in the VST instrument then no midi is actually received…wondering what that midi ‘activity’ actually is ?

No combination of settings stops this ‘midi ping’ apart from deleting the chord track.

Don’t know why, but you can see what’s being sent in the midi monitor

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thanks Steve

I’d forgotten the MIDI monitor plugin :slight_smile: - I was using the one in Superior Drummer - which shows nothing.

Doesn’t look like any midi control I recognise ? Maybe something to do with the VST 3 event bus

I can see how a plugin could use this - although neither EZplayer or EZbass reacted - and no way to switch this off.

Mystery more or less solved.

Yeah, or maybe some future functions? I noticed that each chord and root had its own id- that’s a lot of ids.

Technically they’re not midi messages, I suppose but SB makes them show up in the monitor for guys like us who like to know. :rofl: :roll_eyes:

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