Random Midi notes when monitoring

I am having a problem recording into Cubase and I hope someone can help.
When I play an instrument track with record or monitor enabled, random notes are triggered along with the notes already recorded on the track.
This is a recent development and I wonder if something has changed in the settings, possibly for my controller keyboard.
Any suggestions welcome.

Hi and welcome,

First, I would recommend to investigate, where do the notes come from? Change the All MIDI Inputs to a specific MIDI Input. This way, you can find out the source.

Then we can investigate more, why are these MIDI Notes sent out from the device. Maybe do you use the device as Remote Controller, or does it send any syncing data?

Yeah, I think one of your midi controllers is screwing up. I had the same problem, and had to replace it.

Try downloading Pocket MIDI here:

You’ll need to turn off your DAW software before using this.

It’ll show you from which device your stray midi signals are coming from.