Random Minor Issue

This is a random one that has popped up but is directly linked to my biggest complaint about Cubase over last few years.

The actual issue is that I am in process of finishing a very old project that was started in SX with 44.1 as a project sample rate. I have almost converted that project (10 different files for the album) over perfectly to work in Cubase 11 64-bit, but still at 44.1. I am now doing the whole project in 96k. So I have backed up this specific project to a new folder and saved. I then changed the sample rate on the new project to 96k. Lots of file conversions. Cubase did everything perfect as usual. I then save the project. I then try to play the project. No sound. I close project and open what I just saved. No sound.

In studio | audio connections… it lost all the mappings to my MOTU AVB inputs … but all of the outputs retained their mappings. This makes no sense.

I was able to re-assign the input for the outboard mixer because I have those named in the MOTU app but for the keyboards and synths I used in the project … I have no idea how they were plugged in now and Cubase has lost all of the routing info.

That is minor with this specific project but I am in the mood that I felt I needed to report it. I’ve done projects with 20 analog synths all going at the same time (and Cubase handles it perfectly) and if were to switch my project sample rate it would completely forget all the input routings… in a project like that … major problem!

So main issue here is Cubase drops all analog input routings when changing sample rate of a project , but doesn’t drop the routings for outputs.

Secondary issue is that Cubase is way too fragile handling Channel names/input names/etc of external analog audio. But that is really the whole point of using Cubase. This also happens with MIDI devices when any audio port changes or midi interface changes… any automation gets wiped out because cubase is looking for MKS-50 (16) instead of MKS-50 (15)… and there is no way to get that automation back, simply because an audio port name changed.

I first used Cubase on an Atari back when that was a thing… it has been quite a while since then and while Cubase has grown in leaps and bound this is some simple issue that hopefully would have been figured out by now. Lots of new features and enhancements. And I love them (or have grown to love them). But the simple stuff that Cubase is famous for (running a full analog studio all time synced and whatnot) keeps getting broken while I get asked to pay for upgrades that are basically a bunch of new sample libraries (that never get used). The interaction with the physical world is why I still use Cubase after all these years but it has obviously not been a priority lately and this needs to be fixed. This isn’t “new”.