Random moving of event start-points

I have experienced an issue on-and-off with Cubase 9 Pro which I didn’t notice in my previous version (Cubase 7 Artist).

The issue is that when I have a large multitrack project, sometimes I will reopen it when I am next working on it to find the start points of some of the tracks have randomly moved. I just assumed that I had been a little careless or overly eager with some keyboard shortcut or mouse movement. As a result I am usually extra careful.

A few weeks ago I noticed the same thing with a track I’m working on (most of my tracks are audio events if that helps, not a lot of MIDI). It played back perfectly as I was doing a mixdown test for the rest of the band to critique yet when I opened it up, I had noticed some things had drift out.

It seems a friend of mine has noticed similar on his version (Cubase 8 Pro I believe).

Has anyone else noticed this? Or could point out if there’s a classic schoolboy error that we’re doing? It’s worth noting that although we’re friends, we’re not collaborating musically so no shared projects nor do we work on each other’s projects or anything. Two isolated and separate installs.


I have never heard about this. You can prevent this by locking the track, or the Events/Parts: