Random new UI that appears for no reason

Okay, spending more time lately in 8.5 and really liking the small but beneficial improvements.

NOW…there is an ODD UI that appear for no reason. I have attached a photo.

If I hover my mouse near the top of the screen this UI appears. No click was needed. On top of this it’s not easily repeatable. Its random at best. When i click on tools near by it does not open. I cant MAKE this happen …it just does it on its own.

What is it? Why is it appearing for no reason?

How do I get it to stop?



This is another option, how to show/hide dedicated parts of the window (Project window, MixConsole or Channel Settings window). This is somehow the Window Setup Layout [Shift + F2] replacement.

This appears, when you hover over any border of the window.

Can it be turned off?

No, sorry.

Thanks for the info…even though its bad news.

It seems glitchy. Almost like its an afterthought. I’ll just have to keep my mouse away from borders, i guess.

If so inclined support one of these suggestions. :wink:



Regards :sunglasses:

A BIG +1

I left a +1 on both links. thanks for sharing.