random note length in Log.Editor ?

I was able to radnomize the note-on with a simple script but I have no idea how to set the note length to random values -10/+10 f.e.
Any help?

It would appear that the Length function doesn’t have a relative random parameter (i.e. randomly add or subtract xx ticks from each note’s current length. The best it has to offer is random absolute values (in ticks), which I suppose is o.k. if all the notes had the same length to begin with, but not much help if they all had different lengths.

Anyways (for absolute random length)…

Upper section…
Type Is___equal___Note

Lower section…
Length___Set Random Values between___116___124 (i.e. slightly randomized 16th notes)

Thanks Vic, yeah I noticed the absolute values already but I need randomizations in general, my lengths are all different so this dies not help :frowning: I put it in as a feature request.
Thanks so far

Did you want slight randomness for humanization?
You could always randomize note position, which will move the entire note a few ticks left or right. Just change vic’s preset to “Position” instead of “Length” and use smaller values.

You could even combine both and get randomness of note length AND position.

:blush: :wink: … sometimes I just try to answer the question that was asked, without stopping to think about it a bit more laterally…
To randomize note lengths, relatively
Just use the Track’s Inspector>MIDI Modifiers>Random>Length.
If you then want to make the randomization permanent, then use MIDI menu>Merge MIDI in Loop.

(sorry… really a case of not seeing the wood for the trees :blush: :wink: )

… but that still doesn’t mean that there’s no need for the “Relative Random” parameter for Length in the Logical Editor :wink:.

MIDI modifiers on the other hand do NOT show you the actual events that happen, there could be conflicts when notes start to overlap. So I want a logical-operation to SEE and adjust (if neccessary) :wink:
@Plasuma, I know :slight_smile: I use the position for the not-on randomization but I need a separate lenght operation