Random notes not being triggered


I’ve just upgraded from 7 to 10 and i’m having a random issue where some notes are not triggered. These songs have played faultlessly for 5 years in version 7 but now I get this issue. It’s most notable on the drum track as snare or kick will fail to trigger. It can be at any point and would generally happen 5 or 6 times in a 5 minute song. Anybody else have a similar issue



Do you mean a MIDI Notes sent to any VSTi? Is the true for all VSTis or only some specific? Could you try to increase or decrease Audio Device Buffer Size?

Sorry, I should have been more specific. It’s MIDI notes sent to synths via an MOTU 128 express. I’ve made sure I’ve got the latest drivers for the midi interface. As I say, I don’t get any problems if I revert to Cubase 7

If I export the songs as midifiles and play them via a midifile player (miditemp Multiplayer), the songs play fine.

Many thanks


Could you send the MIDI data back to Cubase and record them (be careful to don’t make a MIDI loop)? Are the MIDI Notes missing here?

Could you try other USB port?

Hi there

after some checking of the settings between version 7.07 and 10.0.2 I noticed on the ‘Studio Setup’ panel under ‘MIDI - Midiport Setup’ there’s a tick box for ‘Use Device ‘Directmusic’’. I remember a problem with 7.07 where recorded parts were out of sync and selecting ‘Use System timestamp’ it rectified it.

So i’ve ticked the ‘Directmusic’ box and so far this evening i haven’t had a dropped note - hopefully that’s fixed it. Anyone know what that setting does and why it isn’t the default?

I’ll come back if the problem starts happening again, but hopefully this has sorted it

Many thanks for your help


Here you can read a bit in the manual.