Random old tv noise/scratches playback from a single track


I am very new here so please forgive me if there is something similar that has already been posted before. I recorded acoustic guitars on a mono track. I recorded the same thing on a second mono track. The playback of the first track is fine but the playback of the second track results in no audio with occasional old tv noise and scratches. When I play both tracks together, it’s the same thing.

Playback of both tracks
The meter peaks during occasional random old tv noise / scratch
I did not have this issues before. I have not used any plugins at all. I don’t know if there is an existing solution in one of the threads here. The audio of the recording is here:

Any help is greatly appreciated.


I am using:
Cubase 64-bit version 7.0.7
Mbox Mini 3rd Gen, driver 1.1.8
Windows 64-bit PC with 32GB RAM


Try to increase Buffer Size (or Latency) in the Control Panel of your audio device.

Or, check your system with LatencyMon application, please.

Hi Martin,

Thank you for the quick reply. I increased the buffer size all the way up to 4096 for Mbox Mini. But I still have the same issue. I am guessing the issue here is just related to playback and not recording itself.


The Buffer Size should solve the playback situation, not record situation.

If you export the 2nd track (Audio Mixdown), can you hear the same result, or is the exported file OK?

Could you check your system by the LatencyMon application, please?

The result is the same from the exported files even when I set my buffer to maximum on Mbox Mini. I ran LatencyMon application on my system. I did not know what to make of the results so I have attached the results here.

Latency Mon:
Latency Mon Stats Page 1:
Latency Mon Stats Page 2:

Latency Mon Stats Page 3:
Latency Mon Stats Page 4:
It says my computer is suitable to handle audio processing tasks. Is there some kind of tweak that I can make to my computer based on the LatencyMon stats?

OK, could you attach the exported file? Maybe, we will know more, when we hear it.

Looks like I cannot attach an mp3 file directly here. I have uploaded the audio on soundcloud. Here are the links to the audio.

Here is what I did

  1. Record acoustic guitar on a mono track
  2. Record the same acoustic guitar part on a second mono track

This is the exported audio of both mono tracks. The first mono track is panned hard left and the second mono track (that is giving me issues) panned hard right. The old tv noise and scratches are prominent at and before 00:25 seconds. The audio of the acoustic guitar also comes and drops before that on the right channel of a stereo headphone/speaker.

This is the second mono track export by itself (I soloed the second track and exported it)

I wonder why only the playback of the second track is an issue and the first track play back fine.

Sorry, to me, it sounds, like you have any Trial version (plug-in probably). Some plug-ins developers do this.

I think I have narrowed it down. I am not sure what is causing the issue though. So I formatted my computer and only installed only Cubase-64 bit version 7.0.7. I did not install any third party plugins. I did not connect my audio interface either.

On an empty cubase project, I added two stereo tracks and imported two commercially recorded mp3 files. The playback is fine.

On an empty cubase project again, I added two stereo tracks and imported two home recorded mp3 files before I had this issue. The playback is fine too.

On an empty cubase project again, I added two stereo tracks and imported two home recorded stereo Wave files. Now I get the same playback issue.

I installed ASIO4ALL driver and tried the same thing through both ASIO4ALL driver and Generic Low Latency Driver and the issue is the same for both.

However, on an empty cubase project, if I add one stereo track and import either of those two home recorded stereo Wave files, the playback is fine.

So for me, if there is an issue of multiple Wave file playback. If there is only a single Wave file that is imported, the playback is fine.