Random Pink Text Box

Hello everyone,

Any idea what this is and how to get rid of it ?

I was adding some text but removed it and now this atrocity is staying above everything on my score. I can click on it which highlights it, but I can’t remove it, I can’t cut it, I can’t do nothing to it.

I noticed that some similar boxes were being added when I was changing the bar line to something else to then return it to a single bar line (I hate it does that by the way) but I usually cut it and it’s gone. But for this text one, I have no clue what happened. Is it by design and if it is, what its purpose?

Okay nevermind, somehow I found a way to fix it…

I changed the master pages to something else and now it’s gone on both master sets.

It’s indicating that you have a text item there, but it’s invisible. It usually happens when you add only a blank character via the space bar.

I have no idea why you couldn’t select it and delete it, but sounds like it’s fixed now. If you want to trim down a project and post it here as a zip file, I’m sure someone would be happy to take a look.

If you don’t want Dorico to add a signpost indicating an explicit barline, don’t add a “normal” barline… instead, select and delete the existing one, and it’ll go back to a normal one… but as an implicit one.