Random pitch bend being written? C6.0

I’ve just realised when using the key editor, programming pitch bed on a bass VSTi track, random pitch bend writes itself in? Has anyone got a solution or is this just a bug?

How exactly did you programm it?

Cheers for responding Martin.

Well basically, I played a bass part (VSTi), then went into the key editor to tweak it, i.e. add some pitch bend data. Sometimes use retrospective record, sometimes not. Either way, it draws in random data sometimes. Using an axiom keyboard pitch wheel to program the bends. Regardless, if I run a recording pass, it sometimes just draws in data before my eyes without touching anything.

Any help appreciated.


Are you using a USB 3.0 port? I was getting this once and using a USB 2.0 port fixed it. Eventually, I had other problems with the 3.0 ports and the manufacturer replaced the board. Works fine now.

No it’s all USB2.

Did you check the obvious, e.g., add a midi monitor insert to the the track to insure that the axiom is not sending spurious PB?