Random Reboot

Since I’m updated to 8 Pro I keep getting a random reboot. This happens on old projects and fresh ones too. Here are the steps I take to cause this.

-Start Cubase 8 Pro
-Open an empty project
-Add Groove Agent SE
-Load up a kit
-Add HALion Sonic 2
-Load up 3 sounds
-Add 2 more midi tracks that will be assigned to HALion.

At this point the crash reboot has happened or it will once I start to play the project. The event ID I get is 41.

My system is setup like this…
-i7 2600k
-NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970
-800W Power Supply (brand new because I thought I had an issue with power)
-SSD for OS and Programs (Win 8.1 Pro)
-HDD for Files

The UR28M some times drops sound in one side.
Originally Cubase was installed on the SSD but I removed it and installed it on the HDD to see if that would fix the issues and it did not. I’ve unplugged all other USB devices and it still happens.
I’ve done all the updates I can find for Cubase and my UR28M, including the skin fix.

please help, I haven’t be able to finished anything in months :cry:

I can’t reproduce it here. Are you saying that these steps have the same result 100% of the time?

With these steps I get the same results 80% of the time. The other 20% it will last a little longer but still reboot my whole PC at some point. I’ve been using since 6, almost all the same hardware and I’ve never had this issue before. After reading through as many issues as I could the only thing that I hadn’t done was update quicktime. So I did that and it seemed to work but then I opened up loopmash and everything froze. Ten mins ago I uninstalled everything that has to do with Cubase, including older versions and all VST’s. I’m going to reinstall Cubase 8 again and if it’s fixed.

After downloading and reinstalling everything the only thing I can come up with is that this content for HALion Sonic 2 must be installed on the same physical drive as HS2.

A common cause of reboot is overheating due to dust bunnies.
Be sure the area around your computer is well ventilated and open your case and blow it out with compressed air.
You might be surprised at what comes out.

This used to happen to me frequently with my old PC due to overheating, defiantly check for dust bunnies but if that fails you may want to find an app that will tell you the temperature of the motherboard and CPU.

My old quad core would literally just seize up and reboot making cubase unusable and I fixed the issue by installing a $30 Cooler Master fan with an outrageously large heatsink. It’s a pretty simple procedure and I"m sure there are tutorials on youtube. The coolermaster comes with thermal paste already applied so you just need to remove the old paste with iso alcohol and pop in the new unit.