Random relative length in Midi notes


I have a question that I have not found an answer here yet. I would like to add/substract a random amount of midi ticks to my midi notes but I cannot find my way in the editor.

I know for velocity you can set the “Set relative random velocity” and then set a value which will randomly add or subtract the amount defined…For example if I have all my midi notes on a fixed velocity of 60 and run the logical editor above with the value -10 and +10 I will get randomly all my velocities between 50 and 70!

Similar approach I would like to take for length…If I have 40x 16th midi notes and want to add or subtract randomly say 10 ticks how do I do that?


Hej Alex

You can do this using the MIDI Modifiers module in the Inspector :wink:


Hi Bo,

ok, I only have used the position tab and then random -10/+10! So you mean that I just need to choose LENGTH and then put a value!? I thought that will a fix length !?


Yes - you can either use the Inspector “MIDI Modifiers” or load the “MIDI Modifiers” module in the MIDI Inserts (see picture)
MIDI Modifiers.png

  • Bo

After that, use the midi menu command: freeze midi modifiers. it will apply the realtime settings to the midi part.

Thanks! Really helpful!

When I did my video

I had to do it manually, but now thanks to you it will save me alot of time!

Appreciated. Tack så mycket!

Thanks…great! //Alex