Random results with chord track.

Hi guys,
I was wondering if you could give me an advice or point me to right direction. So my situation is this; I’m a guitarist with some knowledge of music theory. I was hoping to use chord track and especially the live transform function to bang out some keyboard grooves, because my keyboard skills aint the best. But I just don’t seem to understand whats the logic behind what notes in relationship to chord the engine chooses. So for test sake I made chord progression of C7, F7, Am7 and G7. When I bang C key through out the pattern it makes every note the root of the chord as I expected, then when I bang E key, it makes every note third of the chord etc. Everything seems to work in a predictable way when you play single notes, but when you start to play chords it doesn’t seem to follow that pattern anymore. So if I play arpeggio of C, E, G and Bb; for the C7 and F7 chord it plays the root, third, fifth and seventh as one would assume, but then on Am7 and G7 the results are random. Then if I follow the chord shape on my keyboard and play root, third, fifth and seventh on the current form shapes while having the live transform function on, the results seem to be quite random. It doesn’t seem to affect if I have adaptive voicings on or not, of if I manually choose in the chord rack what inversion of the chord to use.

Same randomnes seems to be going on when I set melody to follow chord track on a “chord & scales” mode. The notes (even though the melody would consist only notes inside the current scale) seem to jump randomly to different octaves etc.

I’m just trying to understand the logic how this works, because at the moment I get very random results with it. I have tryed to find information at the manual, as well as watching the groove3 tutorial about chord track, but I still don’t seem to understand the logic behind it. Do you guys have deeper knowledge of how it works or where I could find more information about it?

Thank you!