Random set of instruments suddenly silent

I’ve had not trouble with instruments playing back until today. While working on a large score, suddenly a small handful of instruments are not making sound–or are extremely quiet. This includes a violin section, a saxophone, and one of four horns. I had been loading some samples to replace existing sounds on other instruments, and had added some volume automation to a couple of unrelated tracks around the same time, but cannot find any evidence of any CC data automation on any of these silent tracks.

Any help is appreciated!

A little further info: when I play the sample in the Halion player via the keyboard in the player window, the level meters for all horns visually show the same out put level. When I create a fifth horn instrument and copy all notes and dynamics, etc., from the horn part that is barely audible onto the new fifth horn player, all notes play at the normal volume level. This seems to suggest that whatever is causing the volume drop is not attached to any notes via some kind of MIDI data. I should also add that the mixer volumes are all at the same level (not changed form the default) and are likewise panned, etc, according to the default settings.

The problem is most likely that the new sounds you’ve chosen in the HALion Sonic SE interface use a different approach to how they control dynamics than the ones Dorico chose for you by default. Many of the sounds Dorico will choose by default use MIDI continuous controller 1, modulation, for dynamics, but that’s not universally the case for all of the sounds in the HSSE library. So my guess is that you’ve chosen a sound that uses velocity to control dynamics, but you’ve not updated the expression map chosen in the Endpoint Setup dialog, and so Dorico is unable to play back changes of dynamic.

This is an old video, but it explains the general principle:

Thank you, but would these new sounds I chose affect the dynamics on staves other than the ones for which I changed the sounds? The sounds I switched were guitar sounds, but the staves affected are strings, horn, and saxophone.

Can you post a file that demonstrates the problem? (Just a few bars should do. Even better 2 files, a before and after)

What happens if you rerun the Play > Playback Template option (on a copy of your file, if you wish)?

What I ended up doing is creating new players for each of these staves and copying the notes from the original players to the new ones. I then deleted the original players and their layouts. Now I wish I’d waited so that I could try the solution above, but it’s too late. At least it’s working for now. Thanks for the input.

You are a brave individual to have made such major changes on the original file instead of a copy. :grinning:

Glad you were successful.