Random Shortening of Notes in Playback

I am having a problem with an imported music.xml file (exported from Presonus Notion). I’ve followed the very useful uTube video and sorted out most of the problems, I’m now left with random shortening of notes. In the attached excerpt when playing from the start the crotchets in bar 5 of the Violin 1 part are often (but not always) played as staccato. I’ve muted the rest of the parts to make it easier to hear.
I’m using Dorico 4 pro V4.3.20.1130 on an iMac, running Catalina with an external audio interface, although it’s the same with the internal. The problem doesn’t happen on my MacBook Pro which is running on Big Sur. I am hoping that is not the reason. Any pointers would be appreciated.

Seasons R4.2 Excerpt.dorico (2.0 MB)

Your score does not play back (for me), despite it only using Halion sounds. If I re-apply the HSSE+HSO playback template, it plays as notated and without the problem you describe. Sorry, I can’t help further.

Your piece plays back exactly as I would expect, John, with no errant staccato playback in bar 5. Does the effect survive audio export? If so, perhaps you could export an MP3 of the violin playback and attach it here.

I’m baffled! The extract is now playing as I would expect but the original from which it is cut is still mis-behaving. One rather odd thing I have observed is that because I have more than 16 instruments there are two instances of Halion Sonic 7. The Violin II and cello sections do not appear on the Dorico mixer. Could there be a problem with HS7, I’ve not had this sort of thing happen with the previous version?

I’ve just tried using Noteperformer (Trial version), on the original piece which plays without hiccup. I know NP takes less resources, maybe 8 Gb of RAM is not enough for 2 instances of Halion Sonic 7 and Dorico.

8GB RAM is at the low end of what I would recommend for use with Dorico, but it should be sufficient for smaller projects.

I’ll try setting up a new score from scratch and give up trying to use xml. It’s so frustrating and not good use of my time.

In general you should find that music imported via MusicXML works fine, and just as if you’d input it yourself directly in Dorico. What I would advise is going to the MusicXML Import page of Preferences and switching off as many of the checkboxes there as you think you can get away with: this gives Dorico as free a hand as possible in how to notate the incoming music.

Ok. I’ve created a new score and can cut and paste from the original for sections I want to retain. The new editing facilities in 4.3 are so useful this will be the quickest way for me to edit the original.
You can close this issue, thanks for your support.