Random Spacing at measure 382

Anyone know why this is happening? I checked in Engrave Mode and its in its “original state” I also checked Galley view and everything looks normal. Not sure where this excess space is coming from but when I try to finesse it in Engrave Mode, all the measure rests start getting skewed.

If you can make a copy of the project, cut it down to a few bars around where this behaviour occurs and then post it here, others can have a look at it and see if there is anything which might be causing the issue. There are plenty of users who like being detectives. Some of them are “super-users” with lots of experience, knowledge and insight about the inner workings of Dorico. If this oddity is actually being caused by something in Dorico itself, rather than anything you have done, rest assured that the Dorico development team read every post on this forum and take note of the things which might require adjustment for a future version.

Not the answer to your question, but I once had something like this. I deleted the whole bar, inserted a blank bar, re-entered the contents and it was then correctly spaced.

The most basic and obvious observation would be that you haven’t shown all of the staves, so it’s impossible to know if there is a more complex figure in a lower staff that requires extra space. Perhaps a grace-note run, from the looks of it.

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What’s that dotted line at the top? Try shortening it into the previous bar.

We’d really need to see the rest of the column of the score.

Thanks, I should have made it clearer, but I double checked for any of the usual suspects and cannot find anything. That’s why I posted it on the forum.

its an accel. Do you think that might be the cause? I’ll give it a try.

Here is the full page in page view.

It’s going to be very difficult to diagnose without seeing the project itself. If it’s impossible for you to attach it here, you can send it to me privately via a direct message on the forum (click on my name at the top of this post, then click the blue Message button to send me a message).

I appreciate that. It did end up just sorting itself out. I’m not sure what was causing it but just by working on other areas of the score it eventually fixed itself. So cheers to the excellent work going on under the hood. : )