Random Thread..

Which goes to show that you cant judge an album by its cover;)


Luv the Boombox stack pic!

I imagine that’s just one side of a stereo set-up eh? :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:



Excelent band! I have most of their albums. :sunglasses:
Now … it’s on vinyl and I need to buy a new vinyl player to listen! :confused:
The thing is I suspect they were just goofing around to get a silly album cover photo, whereas some of the other bands thought they were the next big thing to save humanity! :laughing:

Is this Wendy Carlos dad? :astonished:

nope, it’s Daphne Oram

And here is Delia Derbyshire

Never knew daphne… Tnx)

Mad props to delia;)

Keep posting, I’m enjoying them :slight_smile:

Shake screen left n right:p

WOW! :astonished: :smiley: Pioneers at the genesis of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop and the Doctor Who theme.

The original Doctor Who theme, for me, perfectly captured the sense of adventure and the loneliness of time travel, and all we heard about was Ron Grainer.

It really saddens me that so many women have been denied due credit for their significant contributions in so many fields, whereas we tend to hear so much about the many mediocre contributions by men.

Well, sleeping beauty has awoken, and men who rest on their mediocre laurels, or their false sense of superiority, had better get out of the way!

Sleeping beauty prolly went to sleep cuz she was bored or just didnt want to deal with all the bull…