Random Thread..


Wanted to post earlier, but got all emotional;) lol:p

This thread is making my phone crash! :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :laughing:

Ouch! That hurts, Robin!!! :open_mouth:

Sorry Wim, I wonder how many seizures that caused :open_mouth: … I’ve edited it to tone it down!

Try to read this one without starting to sing it in your head;)

Is it me or are your images broken?

Its you?:stuck_out_tongue:
I see em:p - wish you could too;)

  • i also see yours;)

Or… Am i seeing things? :open_mouth: :stuck_out_tongue:

Testing for your discretion: :wink:

Oh, I lack discretion greatly, but that’s another subject! :laughing:

I did not see your graphic, but I can see it in the BBcode as I type my reply. Photobucket may be blocking hot linking…

The graphic below is from my forum site, you see it?

Yup, i see it:)

Maybe i need to tune it down and only post a couple o pics per page:p

Which would mean that it needs your and others help to keep it alive:p

Strange, now i see all of them, my browser must have been fe**ed up. :unamused:

Might have been your last pic… - i think it broke the interwebz:p


Startup time on a 166mhz (fastest cpu at that time) windows 95 laptop: under 2 seconds. So fast i had troubles taking a pic of the splashscreen before it went full arranger mode n ready to jam:p
-also impressed that this laptop runs so smoothly too, super quick startup, no issues, ever. Hd-ram-cpu all still working perfectly. Where did we ever go wrong i ask myself… :stuck_out_tongue:

Mac, pc, software, stuff, greed, stupidity

Menu of a proud and working cubase. - they even added bugfixes changelog in the menu…lol…

Yup. Quality.

Back then projects were called *.ALL ( as in all together ) now we need CPR:p