Random transpostion

In addition to my previous post about random sound changes, I am now having an issue with random transposition. Sometimes my playback is 1 half step lower than the note I’m entering on my midi keyboard. It’s totally weird and random…

This is almost always a mismatch in sample rates between software – the OS, Dorico, and plug-ins. If one thing is at 44.1 Hz and another at 48 Hz, then you get a pitch shift.

How do I fix that?

That did it, I think! I changed both sample rates to 48K and it seemed to fix the issue.

Unfortunately, it’s still happening. Sometimes I’m getting a simultaneous 1/2 step on my midi device and in my Dorico playback. Also, the pitch change occurs randomly. I’ve set the sample rate on Dorico and on my Mac to 48K; what am I missing?

Are you running any other music software simultaneously? Cubase/Logic/Nuendo/Sibelius etc. all have the power to change the audio device’s sample rate.

Actually, I am running Logic Pro simultaneously…

Right, so what’s the sample rate in Logic? Dorico’s fine with 44.1k or 48k, but whichever it is should match the Logic project.

That’s the thing; Logic’s sample rate is set at 48K just as Dorico’s is. I’ve checked them both but still having the issue…

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