Random undo bug to be addressed with next update

Hi all,

Good news regarding the random UNDO issue (that can lead to track renamings and other problems):
We have given the issue some in-depth testing and have finally found a clear repro ourselves.
A fix is planned to be included in the next Cubasis update.


Thanks for the link to your post Lars. When will this new update be out? I also have some other ideas for, I guess you would call, product improvement or wish list. Is there a place to write to or list these requests/ideas?

Hi Robanjee,

you are very much welcome to mention your ideas and wishes… we collect them all and evaluate. Please use the forum search, as some times features have been requested already.


Alas, too late for my current project which has been undo-scrambled but great news! Do you have a release date pegged for this update?

Unfortunately we do not announce release dates before updates become available.
Nevertheless we aim for a timely publication of this maintenance release.


does this solve the issue with panning and volume levels issue?
it’s almost identical to the changing titles

very annoying bug
when you have lots of tracks and all settings are set
and you accidentally move some part of the track… you press undo to place it back
and that ruins all the settings, changes the colors of the tracks,
moves settings of the track by one step down to each other

e.g. 1 track had panning to the left, full volume
2nd - to the right, no volume level
you press undo
1nd becomes - to the right, full volume
2nd takes settings of the 3rd track

gush… so ridiculously annoying

Hi deemkeyg,

The UNDO issue often appears after MIDI files have been imported, or MIDI tracks have been moved to different positions. Given a particular order, combined with an UNDO step leads to unexpected results (such as wrong track assignments, track renaming etc.).


Hi LSlowak,
never imported any MIDI files
but thank you for that information

so this also been fixed along with the volume/panning settings?