Random velocity in dynamics?

I have Garritan COMB2. In the expression maps I have used CC1 or CC1 to control the velocity. Doing a little test with the dynamics and looking to the velocitybutton in COMB2 (Aria player). The first time when playing FF the velocity goes to 85%. The second time FF the velocity goes to 76 %.
Is this consciously?
Schermafbeelding 2017-09-26 om 15.40.20.png

Yes, there is a humanisation setting in the Playback Options. The dynamic will also change depending on whether it’s on the beat or not and what the Beat Stress value is set to.

Hi Paul, thanks. So you can see the FF are both on the 3rd beat of the measure. I found the difference very high between the two FF’s. What do I change to create more difference between p, f, ff and less ‘humanisation’?

Reduce the value for ‘Humanize written dynamic by n%’ on the Dynamics page of Play > Playback Options.

That’s a lot of difference!

Next question or ‘problem’. I have 3 groups: saxophones (alto, tenor, baritone), trumpets (1,2,3) and trombones (1,2,3). When I insert a dynamic on the alto sax and press the ALT key and copies this to the other staves (groups) then nothing occured on the trumpets and trombones. When I place a new dynamic on the trumpet staff then it works. Is this correct?

There is a known issue where dynamics don’t always have an effect until the next time the score is loaded, so try saving the score, closing it and then loading again.