Would like a plugin devoted to making different midi aspects random. Right now there is the Logical Editor but would like a dedicated plugin for this.

You already can randomize velocity, position, pitch and lenght of notes in the inspector/midi parameters, then commit with drop down menu Midi->freeze midi parameters

That is not how I imagine the plugin to be. I don’t want to pick a low and high note for the random pitch. I want it to randomize the notes which I am using. There is a huge difference there but thanks for your input. Maybe it will be helpful to someone else reading this thread. That isn’t even close to what I am asking for in my feature request.

Maybe you should give some specific details about what you are looking for. Jules reply pretty much answered the question you actually asked, which apparently differs from what you intended to ask. But without mind reading capabilities it is tough to know what you really want.

I made a request. That is not a question. Obviously a module devoted to randomizing would be more complex than what they already have. I offered one suggestion for it. I’m sure the Steinberg engineers have enough imagination to come up with lots more. I am not going to help you to visualize it any further. You either are born with an imagination, or you are not.

Sure you will be granted with such a tune…
You either are born a musician or you are not. No need for a “randomizer”.
-1. :sunglasses:

Obviously you have not heard of tone rows. Maybe you need to go to a conservatory and learn something about music before making such ignorant comments.