randomizing midi notes (velocities)

how do you randomize midi velocities ?
like say…drums/bass

see pic below - thx

MIDI menu -> Logical Presets -> Standard Set 1 -> Random Velocity (60 to 100)


From the inspector under MIDI Modifiers. Then you can Freeze MIDI Modifiers if you want.

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You can also use the Logical Editor and modify this preset so it works relative to the current Velocity - e.g. randomly adding -X to +Y to the current velocity. Doing it this way allows you to add some variation while maintaining any existing Velocity accents. Or even create a second preset to accent notes in specific beat positions, bind them together in a Macro to do it all at once to convert notes at a constant velocity into something more musical.

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for some reason , MIDI -> logical presets doesn’t show up :neutral_face:

Well, that’s not right. Can you post a screen grab of the MIDI Menu?

If you can’t see the logical presets maybe you need to watch this video:

You could also use midi modifiers, you’ll find them in the inspector.

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Thanks Giovanni that youtube vid was great!
for anyone in similar problem for future, just recopy your presets folder into users/[name]/appdata/roaming/steinberg/cubase10

im loving cubase more & more every day

hi guys

i posted a very similar question and found this thread, nice- however

i cant find this midi modifiers window where is it?

im in 10.5 - it’s not in the inspector/ thnx

It might be “not visible” by default. Right-click over your inspector view (like where midi inserts are) and check “midi modifiers” if it ain’t already